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Why move to America’s Best Real Estate?

We pride ourselves in having only highly experienced agents and brokers. We have minimum levels of experience and production requirements to join our brokerage.  In return, you will get the lowest costs in the business and the freedom you need to be your best.

For the select few that are meet our high standards; there are many benefits to working with America’s Best Real Estate. 

Our advantages to you include:

  • Lowest costs to you. You keep more of your commissions. We don’t have office or franchise fees to pay, so we pass the savings on to you. After all, if you don't really need an office...why help a broker pay for one.

  • 100% Cloud based, latest technology systems, which make everything fast and efficient.

  • Run your business your way; You know what you are doing.

  •  No weekly office meetings to distract you from your business.

  • We pay for multiple lead sources and share these leads with our agents.

  • Our Principal Broker has over 28 years of experience to help answer your questions.

  • Our Broker makes private videos for the sole use of our agents to help them increase their business.

  • We have fun, but optional, lunch and dinner meetings held at local restaurants; only when we have excellent information to help our agents with better stratigies for their clients.


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Our Costs and fees

America's Best Real Estate has the lowest costs and fees

We have the lowest costs and fee structure in the business for experienced and producing agents.

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How to make the move

Utah real estate agents make more money at America's Best Real Estate, low cost, cloud-based Broker

We make it easy to join us.  You don't even have to have that awkward talk with your current real estate broker.  We will take care of it!  We will handle everything that needs to be done to get you transfered over to America's Best Real Estate.  Call us today 

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