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The 10 most common reasons people move to Utah

There are many reasons Utah is one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation.  People have been moving here in large numbers for many years now, and the trend does not seem to be slowing down.  Here are 10 of the most common reasons my clients say why they moved to Utah.

  1. Jobs: lots of great jobs here in all areas
  2. Outdoor activities: so much to do all year round
  3. Cost of living: low cost of living
  4. Great place to raise kids: kids and family fun are all around
  5. The economy: The State is strong and stable
  6. The low crime rates: neighbors really watch out for each other
  7. Education: great schools and Universities with low costs
  8. Medical: some of the best hospitals, research and med schools
  9. Diversity: Salt Lake City is one of the most diverse and accepting cities for culture, religion, LGBT, and people of all race and background
  10. More for the money: you can own a very nice home in a comfortable, quiet neighborhood, for far less than most areas of the west

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In Utah, you can have a wonderful lifestyle at very affordable prices in many areas.

In Utah, you can have a wonderful lifestyle at very affordable prices in many areas.

Things to do in Salt Lake City Utah

Lagoon amusement park

Lagoon amusement park near Salt Lake City Utah, things to do in Salt Lake City Utah

Lagoon is a short drive from town and a fantastic and affordable amusement park for the whole family.  Season passes are only about $100.  This place is an amazing value and so much fun

Farmers markets and crafts

Utah Farmers markets, arts and crafts markets, festivals, things to do in Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City has many indoor and outdoor art and crafts markets and farmers markets

Go for a drive in the mountains


The mountains around Salt Lake City are so close and they provide quick and easy mountain drives for relaxing beauty.

The Zoo

the Salt Lake City zoo, things to do in Salt Lake City Utah

The Salt Lake City Hoogle Zoo is beautifully designed for outdoor exercize as you walk the rolling pathways around this 42 acre zoo wonderland.

Visit Temple Square

Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City, a beautiful place to visit and walk the grounds

Downtown Salt Lake City is home to Temple Square.  Regardless of your faith, it is a beautiful place that is worth seeing, and it is free and open to the public.

Go see a live sporting event


Salt Lake is home to some fun and exciting sports teams.  Enjoy great teams like The Utah Jazz basketball team, Salt Lake Real pro Soccer team and the Utah Grizzles Hockey team.

Things to do in Utah

Utah Skiing and Snow boarding

Utah ski and snowbroading resorts, things to do in Utah

Utah is known worldwide for some of the very best snow skiing and snowboarding  on earth. Utah has 14 world-class ski resorts. Click here for more informaton 

Hiking and mountain walking

Salt Lake City Utah hiking and walking trails, things to do in Utah

Utah hiking trails: You don't have to be a serious hiker to enjoy the beauty of hundreds of miles of wilderness trails


Utah biking trails, things to do in Utah

Enjoy hundreds of bike trails in Utah and thousands of miles of biking for people of all skill levels from beginner to racer.

ATV and off road fun

Utah has many great off-road ATV fun spots for your endless weekends

The State of Utah has thousands of miles of ATV and off-road trial for every type of off-road fun.  Moab and Little Sahara are just a couple of close-by, well know attractions

Boating and fishing


We have more lakes in Utah than anyone could probably visit in a life-time.  Everything from large lakes perfect for skiing and boarding, to small mountain lakes and streams, perfect for those hiking and fishing get-aways.

Enjoy Utah's 5 National Parks

Utah has 5 National Parks for you to enjoy. Things to do in Utah.

Utah has 5 amazing National Parks, each with it own unique experiences.

FAQ's about moving to Utah

Moving to Utah

Will he fit in if we're not Mormon ? (LDS)

Many people moving to Utah from out-of-state ask this same thing.

While about half of Salt Lake City's population is LDS, that means the other half is not. The Salt Lake area is very diverse and accepting off all people of all faiths or no faith at all.  I personally have found some of the very best people I have ever met are LDS families who are loving, kind, generous, accepting and whom trust me with their most important transactions in their life; and I am honored to be their friend.  I am sure you will "fit in" just fine and find lots of friends who share your same interests and beliefs.

How easy is it to travel in and out?

Salt Lake City is a Delta hub.  It has one of the largest airports in the country, which gives you more options for travel anywhere in the country or the world.

I don't ski. What else is there to do?

Well if you don't ski, you may want to try skiing or snow boarding at one of the many worlds best ski resorts close by, but there is so much more to Utah besides skiing.  How about nature hiking, nature photography, mountain trail biking, ATV's and off-roading, professional sporting events, live concerts and events, great arts and cultural events and so much more that you would expect in any big city.

How do I find the best neighborhoods?

That is very subjective and everyone will have their own opinion on what makes a neighborhood great.  A good start would be to talk to a local and knowledgeable agent who will listen to what is important to you and help show you many neighborhoods that fit your needs and price range.  A good agent will help get you going in the right direction, and our buyers agents are free for home buyers.