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We are a boutique brokerage of only highly skilled, highly experienced agents and brokers. 

We have secret strategies that help sellers “sell for more” and buyers “buy for less”. These strategies have taken many years to perfect. We stay on top by sharing with top agent mastermind groups from around the country on the latest and best practices and our clients benefit greatly from our experience and guidance.

Our cloud based business model helps keep our costs low, and by charging our agents less than other companies, our agents have more to spend on their client’s needs.

Our Advantages:

  • Unbeatable knowledge: We are made up of only highly experienced agents.  No new agents here...
  • Secret strategies: Our clients have a distinct advantage over the competition due to our highly effective strategies.
  • Flexible commission schedules:  controlled of the agent…not the brokerage.
  • Satisfaction guarantee:  We require all of our agents to honor this. (read it here).
  • No Costs for buyers: Our buyer’s agents are always free to buyers.
  • Sellers pay nothing upfront: We only get paid when we successfully close the deal for you, at your price.
  • Pre-inspections of all listings:  We prepare before the home inspector comes.
  • We watch for the deal Killers: We know how to save deals and fix the “deal killers”, before they happen.  (read the list of "Deal Killers" and most common problems)
  • We reduce your stress: We guide you and take care of the all the tough stuff for you.

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Who we are

Who we are - and who we are not.


Who we are:

America’s Best Real Estate™, is a Cloud-based full-service real estate brokerage, providing 24/7 access to the latest high-tech tools for real estate brokers and agents. 

Our agents and brokers have all the tools necessary to grow their business in Residential, Commercial and Property Management; with no restrictions or limitations.

It was founded by a top producing husband and wife, Broker/Agent team from Utah, who were tired of paying so much of their hard earned commissions to their brokerages.    

Year after year they felt they had paid too much in broker splits, add-on franchise fees, monthly fees, desk fees and other expenses without any notable benefits to them.  

They new what most great agents know...Nobody chooses you because of the brokerage you work for...They work with you because they like you and trust you.  So our founders built this brokerage for agents and brokers who share their same frustrations and want something better. 

If you are a self-motivated, highly experienced agent or broker with high ethical morals and standards...One who always puts your clients needs before your own...One who wants to run and grow your own successful business, while paying lower broker fees and putting more of your commissions in your own pocket; than you may just have found your new home.

Who we are not:

  • We are not your traditional brokerage. 
  • We are not for new agents or part-time agents.
  • We do not accept all agents like most brokerages. We have strict requirements in our agents "years in the business" and "production levels" to insure that all of our agents are highly experienced and our clients can be confident that choosing to work with any agent within our company will provide them with superior knowledge and service.  
  • We are not a training ground. While we do offer some excellent advanced training and classes; they are geared for high-production agents and teams to help them grow their business to even higher levels. We encourage a mastermind group sharing network; solely for agents and brokers in our company.
  • We are not a “multi-level marketing” or “ cascading revenue sharing” type of business like many other companies. We do not take money from your sales and give it to another agent. We give you all your earned revenue and let you focus on your clients and not on bringing in more agents to our company.  We will strive to keep our company small, with only agents of the highest experience and ethics invited to join us.  If you have an interest in joining us; please contact us and speak to our Principal Broker.

Americas Best Real Estate, Utah, www.AmericasBestRealEstate.com, 801-890-7000, John Austin, Broker

Americas Best Real Estate, Utah, www.AmericasBestRealEstate.com, 801-890-7000, John Austin, Broker

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every client of ours will receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We pay all costs upfront for all of your services, and we will only get paid from closing if you are happy with our service

Our founders

John Austin and Michelle Austin, Utah real estate agents, America's Best Real Estate, 801-890-7000

John and Michelle Austin, founded our company as a family owned company in Utah.  The company is growing and has expansion plans throughout the United States.

Our Agents

Michelle Austin, co-founder of America's Best Real Estate, a family-owned brokerage in Utah

See agents in the company, their specialities, years in the business and more.

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